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The studio encourages students to develop a language for communicating across disciplinary boundaries, and operates as a creative office with the exchange of knowledge at its core. Students are provided with a starting point for their individual approaches and careers through seminars, studio work and applied events that engage a multidisciplinary mindset across a variety of creative fields such as dance, theatre, music, exhibitions and festivals. The aim of the programme is to challenge and extend the frontiers of art, architecture and performance, and to expose a hidden ‘worknet’ of multiple vocations and their products.

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‘Stories not only teach us how to act – they inspire us to act. Stories communicate our values through the language of the heart, our emotions. And it is what we feel – our hopes, our cares, our obligations – not simply what we know that can inspire us with the courage to act.’– ‘Telling Your Public Story: Self, Us, Now’, Marshall Ganz, 2007 Our dependence on collective action has rarely been more apparent than in this current moment of crisis. The global pandemic has demonstrated, in a prototypical way, that our individual well-being is dependent on acting together and for each other, and that individual responsibilities have a direct effect upon the wellbeing of others. From this recent experience, it is clear that the very present challenges of the global climate crisis will demand even more stringent and consequent actions from all of us, together, across the globe. Rather than clinging to outdated answers and attempts to re-establish the old ‘normal’, these challenges require creative solutions, new ideas and different narratives in order to forge a new form of togetherness. Within this new-found situation, the AA Interprofessional Studio (AAIS) used its global network to bring individuals and ensembles together. We created projects that established a new form of realisation, drawing on explorations of the ‘origin’ of the self, our collective responsibilities and the urgency of the current moment. These interconnected stories offered powerful evidence in support of the studio’s applied network theories and methodologies.This year, AAIS will strive to develop these new stories further, using creativity, performance and design as practical tools to establish new ensembles and genres, action across bubbles and lasting after-effects. These endeavours will challenge individuals to take leadership, to identify overlapping themes and concerns, and to accept the responsibility of motivating an extended collective to act.

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