Course Description

The programme explores alternative forms of collaboration between the multiple creative professions through the research, conception, design and implementation/production of a series of genre-defying spatial performances and constructions. By creating unique project-events that form the basis for continued discussion, the AAIS provides students with a starting point for individual careers within a new overarching discipline.

The MA programme is a 12-month full-time programme and the MFA programme is an 18-month full- time programme, both based at the Architectural Association in London. The programme provides through seminars, studio work, workshops and applied events a postgraduate programme that is based on interprofessional collaboration across the creative disciplines. The work of the studio demonstrates a field of work that stretches beyond the established professions and in this way creates projects within an ‘inbetween’ discipline that is more than just the mere addition to the existing. To apply this work ethos, every year AAIS will design, curate and construct events across the creative fields, such as dance, theatre and music performances, exhibitions or festivals.

The programme is structured into two phases. The first phase from term 1 to term 3 concentrates on design studios and seminar-based teaching of the history and theory of interdisciplinary and interprofessional collaboration as well as network based design and organisation and the realisation of applied events and installations resulting from the various collaborations. The second phase concentrates at the individual Thesis of the students either in written form in term 4, as in the case of the MA, or through applied practise in case of the MFA degree during term 4 & 5.

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